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Parent Information

> School Development Plan | 2017-18

> School Acceptable Use Policy | 2016-17

> School Development Plan | 2017-18

> Report to Parents on Fees | 2015-16

> School Results Report | 2015-16

> Understanding Assessment & Reporting |

> 2017-2018 Student Handbook

Supply Lists 2017-18


> Walkthrough of Self Registration HomeLogic (pdf)

> Parent FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide for HomeLogic (pdf)

Digital Citizenry

>Administrative Regulation 1062 - Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources

>Administrative Regulation 6001 – Student discipline

>CBE Filter Levels

>Bill 44 Implementation. Alberta Human Rights Act, Section 11.1

Community Programs for Students

Community/Organizations Facility/Website
Acadia Acadia Community Centre
Acadia Pool
Trico Centre
Willow Ridge
McKenzie Towne McKenzie Towne Community
New Brighton New Brighton Community
Sports Organizations Willow Ridge Soccer
Calgary Minor Basketball Association
Blackfoot Hockey
McKenzie United Soccer Club
Southland Leisure Center
Camps Mount Royal
University Of Calgary
Camp Chief Hector YMCA
City Of Calgary Recreation

Digital Citizenship Resources

Know the issues. Recent media coverage for a variety of issues, including tips for parents.

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