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Welcome to Harold Panabaker School. We have a diverse population for grades 5-9, proud to offer courses in English, Continuing and Late French Immersion, as well as providing a Learning & Literacy program for Area V.

School History

Our school is named after Mr. Harold Panabaker, who worked for the Calgary Board of Education from 1924 to 1962 – as a Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, District Education Officer, Supervisor of Guidance, and Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

Prior to his time in Calgary, Mr. Panabaker served in World War I, present for battle at both Ypres and Vimy Ridge (where he won a medal for bravery). After the war, he was briefly a lay minister for the Methodist Church, before moving on to teach in both Muir Lake and Edmonton.

While in Calgary, Mr. Panabaker also worked with the Canadian Legion Educational Services, was president of the Calgary Family Bureau, served with the Alberta Teachers’ Association, lectured for summer sessions at the University of Alberta and the University of New York, and served on the board of Mount Royal College.

Shortly after his retirement, in 1963, Harold Panabaker Junior High School was named in his honour, with the school officially opening on December 13th of that year. Mr. Panabaker passed away in 1977, but left a legacy to the school in perpetuity, which is used to provide books for award winners in June of every year.

School Philosophy

We believe that students come first and our purpose is to celebrate and support their learning. We do this by providing a safe and secure environment in which to learn. We are a relatively small school so we have the opportunity to get to know our students personally, support their educational growth, and help them work towards their potential.

Our goal is that students should feel comfortable to share their skills and talents and become an active member of their learning community. We want all our students to take risks with their learning and get involved in school activities – both on- and off-campus. Our students regularly participate in field trips, play for our athletic teams, participate in our intramural program and clubs, and engage in a variety of leadership opportunities.

As a school we expect our students:

  • to come to school regularly, on time, and prepared to learn;
  • to actively participate in their classes, always giving their best effort;
  • to conscientiously be respectful of others; and,
  • to contribute to the overall school community in a positive manner.

We greatly appreciate the efforts of parents and guardians; we believe it is, indeed, a shared and ongoing partnership and we hope to see you in the building on a regular basis. Whether you are new to our school community, or continuing on for another year, we trust that you will find our staff to be welcoming and committed to providing a quality educational experience for all our students. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding pertinent information we should be aware of, or questions, concerns, suggestions that may arise.

We look forward to a fantastic 2015-16 school year!

Darrin Whitbread, Principal
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