Calgary Board of Education

Option Information


To assist our school in planning our complementary courses, students (in consultation with their parents/guardians) have been asked to complete the applicable option forms, which include course descriptions, and indicate their preferences.  Please choose one of the links indicated below for more information.

All Grades 7-9 students will choose four complementary courses for the year, taking two in each semester.  The exception will be if Band is chosen, as that is a full-year course, which will leave students choosing only two other selections.

Students in Grades 5 & 6 will take option courses with their class, getting some exposure at times throughout the year to the various possibilities that will soon come their way.

Please note: If any complementary course does not have enough students requesting enrolment, that course will likely not be offered; any students selecting that course will be reassigned to their next choice.


Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view each option request form.