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About Our School

Ernest Morrow School is committed to the development of a learning and teaching community which strives to create an atmosphere of safety, responsibility and accountability. Respect, understanding and commitment to quality teaching and learning will foster this environment where students will think critically, take risks, strive for personal bests and challenge themselves to be productive members of society. Creative, cooperative and supportive working relationships are essential if our students are to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners. The role of each teacher, working within a collaborative and cohesive staff, is to build a trusting and caring school climate that honours individuality and encourages effort to help students recognize, build on and achieve their full potential. As a team of parents, teachers and students, we will work together to create a community based on balance and moderation, personal health, and knowledge so that students are empowered to respect diversity and achieve personal success, mastery of curricula and technological competency.

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