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Ernest Morrow School

1212 - 47 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2A 1R3
t | 403-777-7800
f | 403-777-7809
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Principal | Denise Sauverwald
Assistant Principal | Lee Jensen


Staff List

Main Office and Administration
Chantal Malette Principal Dial 0
Lee Jensen Assistant Principal 2223
Glen Steed Learning Leader, Risk & Resiliency 2323
Alex Siarkowski Administrative Assistant Dial 0
Michelle Moss SIRS Secretary Dial 0
Janet Giles School Assistant Dial 0
Margaret Doubinin School Assistant Dial 0
Rekha Mehay Library Assistant  
Student Services
Jennifer Glennie Learning Leader 2051
Sarah Meade Learning Leader
Aboriginal Education Success coach
Jamie Willis Learning Leader 2052
Jennifer Stroeder Starburst  
Debra Twomey Education Assistant, Community Classes  
Grace Saunders Education Assistant, Community Classes  
Naomi Dunphy Education Assistant, Community Classes  
Jacquie Mayes Education Assistant, Community Classes  
Grade 6
Amber Araki Humanities/Art 2014
Lisa Dorozio Humanities/Social Justice 2021
Ian Walsh Learning Leader 21st Century Learning
Shane Thompson Math/Science and Film Studies 2036
Natalie Pashkovsky Math/Science and Computers 2027
Melissa Green Instrumental Music 6-9, PE 2016
Grade 7
Abi Ojekale Humanities/Drama 2031
Christian Peterson Humanities/Creative Arts 2034
Jesse Duss Humanities/Outdoor Education 2029
Leah Bowen Math/Science High Performance Fitness 2004
Bob Finkbeiner vice Principal, Student Activities 2024
Amber Jewers Math and Science/Sports Medicine 2020
Margaret Matheson Math and Science/Foods/RTI 2001
Gerald Lajeunesse Construction 6-9, PE 2038
Grade 8
Michelle Belsek Humanities/Foods 2037
Arnold Wood Humanities/Film Studies 2006
Russell Hillier Humanities/Robotics 2017
Lana Macdonald Learning Leader, Math and Science, Art 2026
Jodie Einarson Math and Science/Drama 2004
Joe Riberdy Math and Science/Sports Medicine 2019
Grade 9
Jana Shaskin Humanities 7 and 9 2007
Susan Riley Learning Leader
Humanities and Digital Photography
Laurel Lepine Humanities/Dance 2012
Brade Easingwood Math and Science
High Performance Fitness
Marla Wilson Math and Science/Social Justice 2010
Naim McLean Math and Science/Student Leadership 2009
Inclusive Education
Billie Hogan Learning Leader
PLP 6/7 and Student Leadership
Crystal Gatza PLP 6/7 and Film Studies 2030
Cailean Duggan PLP 8/9 Outdoor Education 2028
Katie Kuiper PLP 8/9 Outdoor Education 2028
Sian Harvey LEAD 6-9 2025
Judy Bezeau Education Assistant, LEAD 2025
Karen Duncan Education Assistant PLP  
Lori Perkins Education Assistant PLP  
Anita Paringit Education Assistant PLP  
Vaierie Downer Education Assistant PLP  
Physical Education
Patric Houston Learning Leader 2043
Kim Bates PE 6-9, Dance 2043
Richard Pak PE 6-9, Creative Arts 2043
Kim Vo PE 6-9 2043
Calvin Straw PE 6-9 2043
Facility Operations
George Curry