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2016-2017 Newsletters


Newsletters for each month will appear on the web site as they are available. They will be posted in PDF form, and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Principal's Message | October

It is hard to believe we have already been in school for seven weeks and that we are heading into our first break, Fall break.

Many of our students have demonstrated strong leadership skills through working with teachers to manage volleyball, fundraise, and get involved in school clubs or athletics. We want to celebrate our students for their involvement in our school community. Students and staff recognized Terry Fox and his dedication to raise awareness about cancer. Orange Shirt Day was organized to recognize the impact of residential schools on generations of our First Nations families. Understanding our history and its impact on the world today is an important aspect of learning.

Our community is large and includes organizations who want to support our students. This includes partnerships with Carya, Act Out, WizeGuys, counsellors, our SRO officer and our Area support team.

Work with the Student Purpose Statement has provided us with the opportunity to set clear expectations and common language for our students and staff. Each day we work to develop strong relationships, problem solving skills and communication skills. As a Middle School, we know that students are working to develop their own sense of identity and understand what it means to be a citizen in our school and the community. This means consistently addressing issues around relationships including bullying and mental health. Ernest Morrow has received grants to support our work around mental health. This year we will be working to foster student understanding of healthy relationships and continuing to support students in understanding their role in developing and maintaining strong relationships.

Ernest Morrow was the recipient of a donation of funds from the Telus Calgary Community Board. The funds received were provided to enhance our Physical Education program. We chose to do this through the purchase of new gym strips ensuring all students had access to these gym strips. We are full of gratitude for this generous gift. Ernest Morrow is also grateful for a generous donation from the First Alliance Church Show ‘n’ Shine. This donation is going to be put towards initiatives to enhance the learning of students at school. Our students enjoy any opportunities to engage in hands on learning experiences, and we are looking to support this need.

Construction on our change rooms is complete. Students began to use the change rooms last week.

I want to thank those parents who have committed to volunteering in our school. There has been an increase in the number of people who are willing to volunteer and we need this strong support for our field trips and other opportunities. If you are able to volunteer, please come to the office to find out how to begin this process.

D. Sauverwald, Principal