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Home Economics


The following are links that will allow you to explore the worlds of Foods and Fashion - history, current topics, and pathways to future interests and work.

If you find and other interesting site send me an e-mail with a link and your feed back about the site.


  1. The Costumer's Manifesto is a site that will connect to Museums all over the world as well as Job sites, and many other fashion related areas.
  2. Olds Collage has great programs in Fashion Studies.
  3. Other collages throughout Canada offer Fashion programs such as the one at Seneca Collage.
  4. The Victoria and Albert Museum has wonderful information on fabric, costume and designs from our past. Take some time as explore the whole site.
  5. Costume Museum of Canada
  6. Royal Ontario Museum

Canada's Food GuideFoods

  1. Keep in touch with the food produced and grown in Alberta through the Food For thought Magazine online.
  2. We have over 20 different food marketing boards in our province. Many have great information about what we grow in the province.
  3. Often we need to know more about a food or a cooking utensil. The Cook's Thesaurus will provide a good starting point for your search.
  4. There are many food related careers in the province of Alberta. Explore the Growing Alberta site and open up some new possiblilites.
  5. The latest and best nutritional information as of Feb 07 can be found on Canada's Food Guide
  6. Alberta Regional Cuisine Web Sites ( all the boards)
  7. Food Network