Calgary Board of Education

School Showcase

Let’s Talk Science Challenge

Some of our Grade 7 students had a chance to compete at the Let's Talk Science Challenge competition at the University of Alberta (on a Saturday).  They had a quiz game show at the beginning and a design challenge at the end.  They did a great job and out of 50 schools ranked 6th and 14th.  Attached are some pictures for your pleasure.



Vikings at SWL

On June 8, 2016 a group of Viking re-enactors performed a mock battle at SWL for our options classes.

Laurier Space Program

For the first time, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is giving access to a stratospheric balloon flight to a school through its Stratos Program. A group of engineers from the CSA is actively working with students from our school, providing regular support and advice on how to prepare their experiment for their upcoming flight. This flight is set to take place in September 2016 from Kiruna, Sweden.

Please follow this link to read more about what the students are doing.

Follow the students' progress at Laurier Space Program or on Twitter at @laurierspace.
Well done!!


Outdoor School 2015-2016

Calgary Youth Science Fair

On April 15th and 16th students from Sir Wilfrid Laurier participated in the annual Calgary Youth Science Fair at the University of Calgary.  Our student representatives did an exceptional job and represented our school very well! 
Below is a list of the students who were selected to attend this event as well as the title of their Science Fair project and standing.

Grade 6
Aashir M. – How the Moon Affects Water Tides  (Honorable Mention)
Gursimran G. & Ayushma N. – Stressful Situations (Honorable Mention)
Hashir Y. – Does Colour Influence Taste Perception?  (Honorable Mention)
Hassan W. – The Excretory System  (Honorable Mention)

Grade 7
Faeez A. – The Population of Bottleneck Effect   (Gold medal)
Aditya B. & Aaryan D. – Kessler Syndrome  (Silver Medal)
Anisha E. – Hydraulic Fracturing  (Honorable Mention)

Grade 8
Rydhm K. – The Colour Changing Power (Honorable Mention)
Sandaru D. & Arman B. – Human Evolution?  (Honorable Mention)
Vincent M. & Bentin B. – Do Energy Drinks Affect Reaction Time?  (Honorable Mention)

Grade 9
Raiyan K. & Murtaza P. – Pioneering Quantum Biology  (Bronze Medal)
Vipasha P. & Vanessa C. – Kastle Meyer  (Bronze Medal)
Payal W. – Imaginary Time (Bronze medal)