Calgary Board of Education

Principal's Message

Fall 2014

Dear Students and Parent(s):

Welcome to another exciting year at Sir John Franklin School.  This year the school has again seen growth with 455 students registered on September 30.

  • Grade 5 – one class
  • Grade 6 – two classes
  • Grade 7 – four classes
  • Grade 8 – four classes
  • Grade 9 – four classes
  • AIM classes – currently has 24 students total split between the two classrooms
  • CSSI – currently has 5 students

Returning to the school are the following staff:

  • Mr. Cave (principal)
  • Mr. Stein (assistant principal)
  • Ms. Cochrane (learning leader)
  • Mrs. Dillenbeck (learning leader)
  • Mrs. Jones (learning leader)
  • Ms. Scholz (learning leader)
  • Mrs. Schmidt (teacher)
  • Mrs. Sinclair (teacher)
  • Mr. Luu (teacher)
  • Mrs. Aikens (teacher)
  • Mr. Franklin (teacher)
  • Mr. Fallis (teacher)
  • Mrs. Kelly ( AIM teacher)
  • Mrs. McLauchlin (teacher)
  • Mrs. Eby (teacher)
  • Mr. Werner (teacher)
  • Mrs. Wright (teacher)
  • Mrs. Chow (teacher)
  • Mr. Reid (teacher)
  • Mrs. Carter (teacher)
  • Mrs. Van Amerongen (teacher)
  • Mr. Sia Lu (teacher)
  • Ms. Arezo (administrative secretary)
  • Ms. Gould (receptionist)
  • Ms. Mullen (grade 5 & 6 lunchroom)
  • Mrs. Smith (CSSI lunchroom)
  • Mrs. Arseneault (education assistant)
  • Mr. Hwang (education assistant)
  • Mrs. Groarke (education assistant)
  • Mrs. Stewart (Education assistant)
  • Mrs. Hinman (library assistant)
  • Mrs. Manning (behaviour support worker)
  • Mrs. Millard (behaviour support worker)
  • Mrs. Valenzuela (psychologist – AIM Classes)
  • Mr. Ceccato (head caretaker)

I am very pleased to announce that the following staff members are joining Sir John Franklin:

  • Mrs. Nakamura (teacher)
  • Mr. Williams (CSSI teacher)
  • Mrs. Friesen (AIM teacher)

The school uses e-mail as our primary method of communication. During the course of the school year newsletters, reminders, important announcements, etc. will be sent out in a “blind” e-mail to ensure privacy.  If you do not have internet access and/or prefer a paper copy of correspondence, please inform the office of this request. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the school, your child’s learning, and/or your child’s program, please do not hesitate to contact the school at (403) 777 – 7610. My phone extension is 2123 and my email address is

Todd Cave




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