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2016-2017 Student Handbook (pdf)

Physical Education

The new year started off really well with Basketball and Low Organized Games units as well as the continuation of our Fitness Fridays.  Lots of action and great participation!  Into February, students started units in Table Tennis and Cricket.  Badminton units will be next on the horizon.  Please remember that changing is the expectation at Dr. Egbert.  We need everyone to re-focus on the second semester and keep your participation mark high by changing into appropriate attire.

-wear shorts/sweat pants, t-shirt
-remove all jewelry…hair ties for long hair please
-running shoes

Remember that wearing clothing that can “pass” for a gym uniform is not acceptable…there are hygiene issues that arise from sitting in the same clothes for the rest of the day after Physical Education.  For more clarification, please talk to your Physical Education teacher.

Basketball:  Our basketball season is wrapping up. All our teams have been working very hard since the season began in January and this effort is paying off.   Playoffs will begin the last week of February and the season will conclude with the championship games held on March 2.  Good luck to all the teams!!

Our lunch hour intramural program continues at Dr. Egbert!  All students have the opportunity to play some games and get some extra physical activity.  The following is our weekly schedule:

Monday – All grades
Tuesday – Grade 7’s
Wednesday- Grade 8’s
Thursday – Grade 9’s

Get a group of friends and come out and play!!

Fundamental Movement Skills
The development of fundamental movement skills and motor skills is critical to establishing the foundation for participation in many sports and physical activities. A child who has not had the opportunity to develop these basic motor skills experiences difficulties or barriers when participating in sport experiences or later school-based programs that involve more difficult skills.