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Dear Parents/Guardians,

F. E. Osborne is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new online communication gateway for our learning community. This community was created inside the Calgary Board of Education online learning platform called Desire2Learn (D2L).  The intended goal of the D2L learning platform is to improve communication between home and school, reinforce learning and provide access to important and pertinent online learning resources. 

You and your child will have access to this course. Information regarding events in the learning community and homework updates are features available.

We invite you to access this online website with your child at least once a week. Your child may wish to visit at least once a day to retrieve the necessary information regarding homework and/or other updates.

Accessing this resource is as follows:

  • Access this link: (https://d2l.cbe.ab.ca)
  • Click on the “+” sign beside the FE Osborne department underneath “My Calgary Board of Education Courses”
  • Click on “-FEO- Eagle Online Community”
  • See below for more details

We would like to emphasize at this time that D2L is an additional resource that is widely used by many of the K-12 CBE schools to provide learning opportunities for students and educators.  Please be advised that your child will still receive all the information they need to be successful in the classroom;  access to D2L will not replace classroom instruction.   There is computer access available at school for those students wishing to access this resource during the school day.

F.E. Osborne staff will make every effort to keep the information in the D2L current. Should you notice anything of concern or have suggestions as to how to improve the service, then please call us for further information. We will survey parents later in the year to see if this tool is supporting improved communication.

Thank you for your support of our learning community.


MJ Burrows,                                                              Paul Ormiston
Principal                                                                    AP




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