Calgary Board of Education

Fees and Waivers

The CBE 2017-18 operating budget was approved by the Board of Trustees in June and the CBE Fee Schedule was approved by the Minister of Education in August.

Fees will be charged to My CBE Account beginning in September.

New for 2017-18 | the Instructional Material & Supplies (ISM) fee has been eliminated by the Provincial Government. Annual system fees are set each year when the operating budget is passed by the Board of Trustees. To keep fees as low as possible, the CBE is committed to being as efficient as possible in the provision of services. Costs of providing the services include direct labour and supplies, as well as the cost of fee waivers and uncollectible accounts.

It is important to know that we have a waiver process for families who cannot afford to pay the fees. School-based and course specific fees may be charged by our school. A complete list of fees is provided to parents/guardians in your annual fee agreement. Visit the CBE website for more information on fees and waivers.

School fees provide schools with essential learning resources that ensure students are presented with the best possible learning enrichment opportunities. In this section, information is provided on the various fees at our schools as well as information about fee waivers.

Visit the CBE website for more information on fees and waivers.

Our Fees

2017-2018 Fee Agreement (pdf)

Optional Items and Events/Off-Site Activities

We ask for elective fees to cover items such as an Lunchtime Incidental Activity, Music Instrument Fee, Yearbook Fee and Refundable Security Deposit (RSD). Effective Oct. 25 we are updating our elective fee agreement form. It will be posted here once available. Thank you for your patience.