Calgary Board of Education

Student Activities

Clubs and Activities

Students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of clubs during mornings, noon hours or after school. Although these clubs may vary from year to year because of resources, needs and expertise, the following represents a sampling: Art, Science, Studentsí Council, French, Peer Tutoring, and more. Information on current SJAM clubs can be found HERE.


During the school year, students will be able to be active in the gym during the lunch hour. This is our intramural program. To encourage participation, every time students come to participate, they will gain points for their house. There will be a house cup winner at the end of the year. There are some opportunities to play in fun events and there are also times that students will sign up and play in an organized league such as the Mustangs Hockey League. In this league, students are scouted and then drafted on to teams. There are many ways that students can get involved in a physical activity- donít miss out.


Athletics at SJAM are awesome. Starting in September your child can begin their involvement in our athletics program. You can find more information on our Athletics page, which will be updated with schedules and calendars often. This info will also be quickly accessible on the home page.