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HomeLogic is the parent/student portal to access attendance & report cards information. You must have an email address registered with the school, then go to the website and create your parent account

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A special thanks goes out to a former student of RTA, Steve Morris, of Morris Design Studios for creating R.T. Alderman School logos.

Welcome to R.T. Alderman's School's
2015-2016 School Year

Important Information


May 13, 2016 | invite | Dr. George Stanley School Parent Information Night June 2, 2016 (pdf)


May 3, 2016 | Students living in Cranston who are currently attending Nickle School (pdf)


Apr. 22, 2016 | Questions & Answers | Dr. George Stanley School (pdf)


Apr. 15, 2016 | Questions & Answers #2 | Dr. Martha Cohen School (pdf)


Apr. 11, 2016 | Questions & Answers #1 | Dr. Martha Cohen School (pdf)


Our school theme this year is "Leaving a Legacy." Our community is excited to continue to support the strong tradition of academics, athletics and the arts. 2016 will be the 50th Anniversary of RT Alderman School.
Our staff and students will be celebrating the fifty years by "Leaving a Legacy" - acting locally, nationally and globally.


Bus maps are posted under the "Transportation" link above.


A reminder to register for the RSS feed on our website. We will also email and blog our weekly updates and teachers provide information through D2L.  Please check our Google Calendar below for daily details.


inform | upcoming events


RTA 2016-2017 Traditional Calendar



forms | school information

Please download any of the following forms for your convenience.


RTA 2016-2017 Traditional Calendar



Staff Contact Information | RTA Staff Phonelist 2015-16


RTA 2015-16 Day Schedule | RT Alderman School Day Calendar 2015-16


RTA Timetable Schedule | Bell Times 15-16


RTA Handbook | 2015-2016 Student-Parent Agenda Handbook


RTA Important Dates | Important dates 2015-16


Phys. Ed. | purchase RTA clothing

ON-LINE STORE IS NOW CLOSED - Please contact your child's PE teacher to purchase.


Webstore: RTA Phys. Ed. Clothing


Access Code: 706885


On-line store was open until December 22, 2015. Completed orders will be delivered to the school for pickup for January 29, 2016.


menu | cafeteria


January Cafeteria Information |RTA Cafeteria - Mar 2016


Menu price list | Cafeteria Menu Pricing


schedule | school start & end times

RTA Timetable Schedule | Bell Times 15-16


Monday to Thursday: 8:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(Per. 4 lunch: 11:46 a.m. to 12:39 p.m.

Per. 5 lunch: 12:39 to 1:32)

Friday: 8:55 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.

(Per. 4 lunch: 10:49 a.m. to 11:27 p.m.

Per. 5 lunch: 11:27 to 12:05)


NOTE: LUNCH time for students varies each day based upon the "Day" calendar schedule. Students have an early (per. 4) lunch one day and a late (per. 5) lunch the next school day.


rehearsals | music department

Upcoming co-curricular and extra-curricular rehearsals:

    • Grade 7 morning rehearsals are Thursdays @ 8am
    • Grade 6 Junior Concert Band are Mondays @ lunch
    • Choir rehearsals are Mondays @ 3:30pm
    • Jazz Band rehearsals are Tuesdays @ 8am


2015-16 RTA Music Program Handbook - Music Program Handbook 2015-2016


athletics | team information

This year all team practices, games, and meets can be viewed on our Google Calendar.


Please ensure the following documents have been signed and returned to the school.


Athletic Authorization | Annual_Authorization_for_Athletic_Tryout


Athletic Contract for Teams |AthleteContract2015


connect | social media

The R.T. Alderman School Blog lets parents access information about the school including messages, notices, newsletters and information updates. Consider subscribing to the RSS Feed for this blog so you can stay up-to-date.


Visit the R.T. Alderman Google Calendar to see what is happening now!


Please be mindful of all terms of service and R.T.A. Digital Citizenship policies and guidelines when using these social spaces.


volunteer | get involved

Volunteers, we need your help! If you have previously completed and been approved through the CBE’s Volunteer Registration process and would like to assist at our school, we would love to hear from you! You can help speed up the volunteering process by bringing copies of your clearance information into the school’s main office at your convenience. In most cases, once clearance has been received from the Calgary Police Service, it is good for 5 years, even with a change of schools. Thank you!


Get involved with our School Council and Parent Association and Council. More information can be found on the school council page.


More information CBE website.

programs | national sport academy

R.T. Alderman School is home to the National Sport Academy. Visit the National Sport Acedemy website to find out more.







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