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Administration Message | January

RTA students are full of spirit this week, while our roads will be full of snow… (argh…). Starting off with PJ Day, we move to Crazy Hair/Hat Day, followed by Ugly Sweater Day, and finishing with a personal favourite, Fancy Smancy Day.

As we’ve forgotten that winter is coming, it’s a great reminder to make sure that we’ve got boots, jackets and mittens that fit (I learned this the hard way today). And, yes, students will be encouraged to play outside during lunch, provided that the temperature cooperates.

I would like to give a special thanks to our parent volunteers during RTA’s Winter Concert at Lord Beaverbrook High School in December. Your help and support is extremely appreciated! Given our popularity, we may have to explore limiting tickets next year.

Science Fair will be in full force in January, with students working on their trifolds. If you are interested in judging for the RTA Science Fair, please contact Ms. Burkell at We need as many volunteers as possible!

Regretfully, Ms. Wecels will be away until mid-March. Her energy and her creatively will be truly missed! In the mid-term, Mr. Rhodes has been hired to fill Ms. Wecels' position. Having returned from teaching in Australia, Mr. Rhodes is extremely excited to join the RTA staff for the next few months.

I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful break – filled with board games, outside adventures, movies, and books. It’s been a fantastic start, and I look forward to an amazing finish.

Kind regards,
Brenda Lewis