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LAWN (Learner Accessible Wireless Network) at school: Click here to learn more on connecting to filtered Internet for school work.

Information for Parents and Families

A reminder to parents that the Principal's Blog has the purpose of communicating messages, notices, newsletters and information updates. The blog lets parents access information about the school. Consider subscribing to the RSS Feed for this blog to ensure you are staying up-to-date.
Information on our School Council and Parent Association can be found under School Information tab.
Class-specific resources are available on teachers' Desire2Learn Courses at

Curriculum Summaries and Handbooks

My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource is a new Government of Alberta interactive initiative to support families with learners in each grade level. Here, you’ll discover what your child is learning, how they’re assessed and what resources are available to help them be successful from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
Curriculum Summaries provide a grade-at-a-glance overviews of what students are expected to learn. These summaries are available here.
Curriculum Handbooks for Parents contain information for parents on subjects, programs and courses available in Alberta schools. They are updated every year as changes are made to the curriculum. These handbooks are available here.

Provincial Achievement Testing

In May and June, students in Grade 6 AND 9 at R.T. Alderman will participate in provincial achievement testing. The Alberta Education Provincial Achievement Test Page gives details on the achievement tests and provides parent guides specific to each grade level.