Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Welcome to Robert Warren School

To those students who are in their first year at Robert Warren, welcome! We hope you quickly feel comfortable in our school community. To those who are returning, we hope you do so with a sense of positive anticipation. Our goal is that all students have a rewarding, enjoyable and challenging year. Try new activities, set goals you can achieve, and take pride in your work.

The staff of Robert Warren looks forward to working with both students and parents to create a school climate that is safe, comfortable, and promotes excellence in a wide variety of areas.

Robert Warren School Philosophy

Our Mission |
Robert Warren School is committed to providing a safe environment where students, parents and teachers work as a team to foster quality learning, achievement and respect for self, school and community.

Our Vision |
Robert Warren is a safe and caring community founded on a desire to learn, respect for one another and pride in achieving personal and academic success.

Our Values |
1. What is best for students is at the heart of all our decisions
2. Advancing student learning and achieving personal goals is attainable with the mutual support of staff and parents.
3. Students must feel emotionally and physically safe at school to maximize their learning opportunities.
4. Mutually respectful relationships among staff, students and parents are at the heart of the learning process.
5. Collaboration is valued when making decisions for the school.
6. Success and achievement are recognized and celebrated.

The Warrior Way

Our students created the school’s Code of Conduct. It is focused on respect, and is intended to lead to higher self-esteem in a safe, cooperative and relaxed learning environment. We ask everyone in our learning community to:

Respect Yourself and Others

  • Use respectful language: no swearing or harmful putdowns
  • Behave in a peaceful manner
  • Treat others with kindness and courtesy
  • Avoid interrupting each other
  • Follow directions
  • Dress appropriately: no revealing or provocative clothing
  • Take responsibility for your actions

Respect our Environment

  • Treat school property and surrounding areas with care
  • Remember that personal property is just that – personal
  • Use garbage cans and recycling containers

Respect Learning

  • Attend classes, be on time
  • Be prepared
  • Do your best
  • Listen attentively
  • Be involved and participate
  • Complete assignments
  • Allow others to express their ideas and opinions
  • Make good use of time
  • Allow others to learn without disruption
  • Follow computer lab rules
  • Use computers as intended for school-based projects
  • Turn off cell phones during class time and supervised extra-curricular activities

RESPECT – It must be given to be received!