Calgary Board of Education

Digital Citizenship

Parent Evening

November 25th, 2013


Welcome and Introductions

Presenters: Karla Pineda Preece and Scott Fehr


1. Discussion: Think, Pair, Share (15 mins)

2. Resources (5 mins)

3. CBE Policy (5 mins)

4. Digital Citizenship at Robert Warren (5 mins)

5. The Four Pillars at Home (10 mins)

Think, Pair, Share

Question: What are the challenges and opportunities that access to technology and online environments has created for our children?

Editable visual organizer (Word)


Think of your own answer to the question. There is no single right answer.


Discuss your answer(s) with someone else. Try to reach a consensus on an answer to the question. Reformulate a common answer based on your collective insights.


Share your answers with everyone. The same ideas may be represented multiple times but in different ways from a variety of perspectives.

CBE Policy

CBE Digital Citizenship policy is built on four pillars:

Adult Supervision

Schools are required to provide adult supervison of students while they are using technology.

Teaching and Learning

Information and Communications Technology outcomes must be infused into the core subjects.


Schools are required to have a Digital Citizenship Plan and Acceptable Use Policy.

Filtering and Monitoring

The CBE filters access to websites and search results. Security. For example students at Robert Warren cannot connect to YouTube or Facebook whereas students at Dr. E. P. Scarlett are able to. Student activity on the Internet is monitored by Network

Digital Citizenship at Robert Warren

Robert Warren is dedicated to maintaining a safe learning environment for our students.

Robert Warren staff have developed a Digital Citizenship Plan to ensure that our students stay safe when they are using technology at school.

Click here to see our Digital Citizenship Plan.

School Handbook

Acceptable Use Policy

Four Pillars at Home - Discussion

What can you do at home to keep your kids safe when they are using technology?

Adult Supervision

  • place limits on use
  • make sure technology is used in high traffic high visibility areas of your home
  • share passwords



  • learn about the environments your children are using e.g. Facebook, Instagram, texting
  • discuss benefits and challenges of technology use with your children E.g. safety, privacy, intellectual ownership