Topic 1
A Hair Raising Dilemma
Take Two Pebbles …
A Balanced Approach
The Root Source
Commercial Fertilizers
Issues Emerging From High Productivity

Topic 2
A Growing Concern
Issues Associated With the Use of DDT
The DDT Story
What’s Bugging You?
Where To Now?

Topic 3
How Do You Spell Relief
Acids and Bases
The Observable Properties of Acids and Bases
pH: A Powerful Scale
Acid Precipitation – A Global Concern
Using Chemistry to Control Acid Effects
Using Chemistry to Control Harmful Emissions
Scrub Those Cares Away

Topic 4
How Much Is Too Much?
How Much Is That?
The Danger Is In the Dose
Lethal Dose 50
An Acceptable Risk?
Thalidomide Issue
The Evaluation of Risk

Topic 5
Getting Away From It All
Environmental Monitoring
Biological Indicators of Water Quality
Point Versus Non-point Sources

Topic 6
N.I.M.B.Y. There Is No Away In Throwing
Blowing In The Wind
S tratospheric Ozone and CFCs
Controlling Water Pollution in Surface Water
Controlling Water Pollution in Ground Water
Biodegradability and the Environment
Hazardous Waste
Waste Management – Back to the 4Rs
Landfill Construction and Design
Secure Landfills
Bioremediation – Mother Nature to the Rescue



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