Topic 1
Electric Charges
Producing Charges
Making Sense of Electrical Charges
Conductors, Insulators, and In-Between
Neutralizing Unbalanced Charges
Preventing Electrostatic Buildup

Topic 2
Electricity Within a Circuit
Circuit Elements and Diagrams
Basic Circuit Symbols
Measuring Current
Measuring Voltage
Rivers of Electricity

Topic 3
Resisting the Movement of Charge
Calculating Resistance
Model problem
Variable Resistors
Types of Circuits
House Wiring

Topic 4
The Energy Connection
Electricity and Heat
Electricity to Motion
Motion to Electricity
Electricity to Light
Light to Electricity

Topic 5
Portable Power
Electrochemical Cells
Fuel Cells
Types of ‘dry’ cells

Topic 6
Generators and Motors
Electricity to Magnetism
Magnetism to Electricity
What’s in a Generator?
DC Generators
Electric Motors: Electric to Mechanical Energy
DC Motors
AC Motors

Topic 7
Electricity in the Home
Transmission of Electricity through the Power Grid
From the Grid into Your Home
Home Wiring
Digital Devices
Measuring Electric Power
Model Problem
Paying For Electric Energy
Model Problem
Power Rating
Electric Devices and Efficiency
Incandescent Bulbs
Halogen Bulbs
Fluorescent Tubes
Model Problem
Home Electric Safety
Electric Safety Outdoors

Topic 8
Electricity Production and the Environment
Electric Energy from Burning Fuels
Fossil Fuels Affect Land and Air
Electric Energy from Flowing Rivers
Energy from Atomic Reactions
Heating the Environment
Electrical Technology and Society
Reducing the Energy Wasted by Devices
Alternative Energy Sources
Electrical Energy Sources and Alternatives



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