Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Welcome to H.D. Cartwright Junior High School, home of the Cougars. As your principal I hope that all students have a successful and rewarding year though exploration. Our Motto is “H. D. Cartwright is a Great Place to Learn Together.” At H.D. Cartwright, we endeavor to work very closely with our students, parents and neighborhood community to create a vibrant learning community.

All of our teachers are here to help make your year as successful as possible. We encourage all students to become involved in the many different activities, clubs and sports teams offered at our school.

One of the main roles of our school is to prepare you to be critical thinkers and problem solvers both at school and in the community. Engage in opportunities to explore many activities that you might be interested in and our teachers and staff will assist you in designing your personal pathway for school. Prepare yourself for life-long learning and believe in all of your achievements.

H.D. Cartwright offers a variety of off campus experiences for you to connect your classroom work with real life experiences. Please take advantage of the numerous opportunities to discover your passions and strengths. Take pride in your work and have high expectations for yourself as a learner. Remember to respect yourself, each other and our place of learning. Our motto says H.D. Cartwright is a great place to learn together. Be sure to encourage and support your peers in their journey as well.

The staff of H.D. Cartwright looks forward to working with both students and parents to create a school climate that is safe, comfortable, and promotes excellence in a wide variety of areas. Have a great year and enjoy all of the triumphs that come with it.

Matt Fell

HD Cartwright School