Calgary Board of Education

School Council

The H. D. Cartwright Parent Advisory Council usually meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. (rescheduled to Tuesday if the Monday falls on a holiday weedend). Please check our calendar to confirm meeting dates and times.A volunteer is required to act as Chairman, Volunteer Coordinator, and Key Communicator (each of these positions can be shared between two people). Please contact us if you are interested.

Minutes of Council Meetings

We have changed to a "live" Google Doc that will show all of the minutes for the school year.

Click here to view the Google Doc

Upcoming Meeting Dates. All meetings are Mondays and begin at 6:30 pm in the school staff room or Learning Commons. All parents, staff and community members at large are welcome to attend.


School Councils - what exactly are they?

  • A group of people who work together to enhance student learning and the effectiveness of the school; a means to facilitate collaboration among ALL education partners within the school.
  • A school council's mandate is NOT fund-raising (though fund-raising may be carried out, as long as it does not involve gaming - that is a separate society and must be registered as such).
    • School councils generally should consist of:
    • Principal
    • Teacher representative (may change from month to month)
    • Parents of children enrolled at the school
    • Student representative (at the senior high level)
    • Community member who may or may not have children at the school
MAIN ROLE - to foster, develop, maintain and reflect the culture and unique qualities of the school.
  • To advise the principal on any matter pertaining to the school
  • To carry out activities related to its role in school-based decision-making.
  • To handle monies and submit financial statements and annual reports of activities to the school board.
School councils are NOT
•  School governance bodies. •  Complaint sessions. •  Primarily fund-raisers.

Role clarity and respectful relationships are vital to the successful functioning of a school council.

FAQ's about HDC's School Council and casinos (pdf)