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Student Handbook 2014 - 2015

Our Student Handbook is a guide for thriving at HDC. It includes the bell times, procedures and policies for attendance, digital citizenship and our Code of Conduct. Please read our Student Handbook.

HDC Digital Citizenship

Our students are expected to be good citizens in the real world and in the virtual world. Students will be able, but required, to bring their personal devices to school for learning purposes. Please read the following documents around the expectations we have for all users, including adults, of electronic resources in a CBE environment.

Read & Write - Assistive Technology for At home Use

  • Go to D2L and logon on as a student
  • Enter our Cougar Community Shell
  • Find the NEWS item that has instructions on how to download and install Read Write 11


Assessment at HDC has changed to match the policies outlined by the CBE.

Parent Teacher Interviews Information

Annual Reports

Complementary Courses

AT H.D. Cartwright we offer students a selection of complementary courses. These vary somewhat by grade level. Students may make choices about the complementary courses they wish to explore. The links below will take you to the complementary course offerings:

Course descriptions are in Adobe Acrobat Format.

Other Publications

Information Regarding Bill 44

On September 1, 2010, Section 11.1 the Alberta Human Rights Act came into force. The section requires Calgary Board of Education to notify parents where "courses of study, educational programs or instructional materials, or instruction or exercises include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion, human sexuality, or sexual orientation.” On written request from a parent or guardian, a teacher is required to exclude a student from a teaching situation that deals primarily and explicitly with one of these topics. It is important to note that Section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act does not apply to incidental or indirect references to religion, human sexuality or sexual orientation. As required, school principals will be providing parents with notification, including how to exempt their children from the subject matter described above. Parents who have questions about the requirements or how the school is handling certain subject matter dealing with religion, human sexuality and sexual orientation should contact the principal of their child's school