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About Our School
About the School

Nose Creek School - home of the KODIAKS - opened in September 2012 and presently has 860 students in Grades 4 - 9. As a P3 school we are fortunate to have an outstanding facility for our students! Our school facilities include:
  • Learning Commons - with wide range of both print and digital resources for students - a hub of our school with production at the core
  • 4 Science labs
  • 2 Gymasiums
  • Macbook, iPad and iPod carts for class use
  • Monthly School Council meetings - First Monday each month 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • CASE (Coventry Association for School Enhancement) has raised funds for an age appropriate playground - built October 2013!
  • Follow us on Twitter - @NCKodiaks!

  • About School Name

    At the Board meeting on January 31, 2012 , the Board of Trustees unanimously passed the resolution to name one of the two new northeast middle schools Nose Creek School. The school name was selected based on the recommendation made by the School Naming Committee, comprised of CBE Trustees, Parent and or community representatives and members of CBE administration. Students also participated in the process. Nose Creek school was named for the creek that meanders on the east side of Coventry Hills.

    School Mission

    Educating Tomorrow's Citizens Today

    School Motto

    KODIAK SPIRIT guides our endeavours, work and commitment to school community and excellence each day!
  • S - Service
  • P - Pride
  • I - Inspire
  • R - Respect
  • I - Integrity
  • T - Tenacity

  • Unique Points

      Nose Creek school is an outstanding, inclusive learning community supported by an excellent group of teachers, parents/guardians and community members!
    • Daily 30 minute RTI (Response to Intervention) to support student individual learning
    • Flex Fridays (opportunity for grade team and interdisciplinary activities)
    • Daily Physical Education
    • Grade 5 students all take Intensive French
    • Numerous clubs and after school activities - Grade 5/6 Basketball, Intramurals, Art club, Art club, Tech Theatre, Drama, Green Team, Fitness club, Science Fair club, etc.
    • Two system PLP (Paced Learning Program) and one ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) classes are part of our school.
    • Servery for students to purchase quick, healthy items.
    • Leadership class is tied to Free the Children and organizing school-wide activities.
    • Top middle/junior high school for fundraising for CIBC Run for the Cure in October 2012 to October 2016.

    School Grand Opening - May 6, 2012