Calgary Board of Education

Teacher Email Contacts


Bushell, R. (Principal)

Derdall, J (Assistant Principal)

Aoki-Walker, J (French)

Avery, L

Banks, L

Bourelle. K (Art)

Brinker, M

Brownridge, T

Cheverie, M

Connolley, A (PE)

Davies, K

Downey, J

Drew, S (Band/Music)

Duthie, N

Fast, G


Gorday, L

Grant, D

Grainger, N

Kanji, A

Langmo, A

Lee, M (Grade 7)

Lee, T (Grade 8)

Lin, L

MacPherson-Levesque, C

Martin, Sandra

Martin, Steve (Technology)

Matikainen, P

Meloche, L

Miller, B

Mistal, M

Mok, K

Monast, J

Morden, F (PE)

Nelson, J

Nybo, J

Regal, J

Shulyakovskaya, L

Staszczak, D

Titopoulos, T

Tober, S

Turner, K (PE)

Walker, M

Williamson, M


Please contact teachers through email by clicking on the names above. Teachers can also be reached through voicemail by calling 403-817-3300.