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Important Dates

May 25 - Mythbuster evening for current DGS families 6:30-8:30

May 26 - 4E/4B plant field study

May 30 - 6A field trip to Rothney Observatory

May 31 - 6B/C field trips to Rothney Observatory

May 31 - Band concert at 7pm

June 12 - 7B hike

June 13 - 7A hike

June 14 - School Council AGM at 7pm

June 15 - 7C hike

June 19 - Gr. 6 ELA PAT pt. 2

June 20 - Gr. 6 Math PAT

June 20 - Gr. 8 hike

June 21 - Gr. 8 hike

June 28 - Last day of classes

June 22 - Gr. 6 S.S. PAT

June 23 - Gr. 6 Science PAT




Welcome to Dr. George Stanley School




Dr. George Stanley school looks forward to hosting two events called “Mythbusters” to inform parents about important Middle School topics. We will be running information sessions on five main categories, which will run for thirty minutes each. Parents are provided an opportunity to select up to three sessions:

1) Communication (Ms. Numan & Mr. Bews)

  • How does Dr. George Stanley communicate information to parents and families? How do I know what’s going on at school and in my child’s classroom? What happens if I have questions or concerns? How do I get hold of teachers?
2) Student Choices (Mr. Berge & Mr. Portelli)
  • What choice does Dr. George Stanley offer students? How does school programming support my child’s learning? Will they get to experience new things and have the chance to pursue areas of passion?
3) Resource and Supports (Ms. Wright & Ms. Bossenberry)
  • How will my child’s needs be supported at Dr. George Stanley? Are there programs, assistive technologies and other devices available?
4) Physically Active Living & Athletics (Ms. MacKay & Ms. Patterson)
  • What does “physically active living” mean? Will there still be phys. ed? How is this different from other schools?
5) Assessment & Reporting (Mr. Evans & Ms. Bains)
  • What does a 2 on the report card mean? How do I know if my child is performing well in school? When will I have opportunities to hear about my child’s achievements? How will I know if my child needs help?


We will be hosting 2 evenings as follows:
  • NEW families joining us next year will be Wednesday May 17th (6:30-8:30pm)
  • For parents who have children CURRENTLY attending DGS will be Thursday May 25th (6:30-8:30pm)


In this open house format, parents are invited to come explore the myths surrounding education in the middle years. As each session fills, parents can choose a different session of interest and return later to previously filled sessions. There will be teachers available throughout the evening to guide parents on tours and answer basic questions.


Please note: if you are unable to attend this evening or wish to receive information on a session you did not select, we are happy to make time to take up any questions over the phone or in-person.


Should you have any questions, please contact us at 403-817-3556 or at




Dr. George Stanley School Council


Our school council minutes and agenda are posted online.


They are located in Get Involved > School Council


Annual General meeting on June 14 at Dr. George Stanley.



Band Concert


Please click here to download a copy of Ms. Thesen's notice in regards to the spring concert.



New School Opening Celebrations


    The CBE will be celebrating the official openings of all of our new school over the next few months. In addition to hearing words of congratulations from special guests, each school shares a unique program that showcases the school and its students.
    View Dr. George Stanley School opening slideshow



Principal's Message


April 25, 2017


Everything is running smoothly here at Dr. George Stanley even with it being so busy.  The spring always brings a flurry of activity and with only three months to accomplish everything there is never enough time.


Currently, we are diligently working as a staff to prepare for the schools Official Opening to be held at 1:30 on April 27th.  We are very excited to be having Dr. Della Stanley come to represent the Stanley family.  She will be arriving at the school in the morning and is scheduled to speak to students about the flag that her father designed. 


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Designation Notices

Apr. 18, 2017 | Reminder Notice regarding Grade Expansion at Dr. George Stanley School (pdf)


Apr. 18, 2017 | Reminder Notice Regarding Grade Expansion (Grade 9) at Dr. George Stanley School (pdf)



School Hours

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