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Important Dates

Aug. 30 - School office opens for the new school year

Sept. 5 - Student's first day back

Sept. 21-22 - Parent teacher interviews (no school on Friday)

Sept. 27 - Photo day

Sept. 28 - Terry Fox Run





Welcome to Dr. George Stanley School

Back to School 2017-2018

View our back to school newsletter and school information for 2017-2018 (PDF)


The office will be closed as of Friday, June 30, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. and reopen again on Wednesday, August 30 at 8:00 a.m

2017-2018 School Calendar

Our 2017-2018 Dr. George Stanley calendar is now available in the About Us section of our website.


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Grade 8 CTF Finance Project



In step with our strong belief in disciplinary integration, our grade eights have undertaken a finance project that incorporates elements of Math, Social Studies and Language Arts.    This lead up to an integrated project, which was presented to an industry expert.   Our students knowledge and skills were on full showcase and they made our community very proud. 





The task culminated in a presentation of their fund's brand, demographics, current holdings and market outlook for Mr. Sean Baylis, a fund manager at RBC.  After presentations, Mr. Baylis addressed some of the challenges he faces in his industry and encouraged students to continue to strengthen their interpersonal skills within groups tasks. We celebrated our learning with a pizza lunch and some time for reflection on some challenges and victories.

Extra Yearbooks for Sale! Only 30 left!

Yearbooks will continue to be for sale in the fall.



Complementary Courses - Grades 5-9


Click here for a downloadable PDF form to register for next year's complementary courses. Please return, fax or email the completed form to the school.


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Band Information for 2017-2018


Principal's Message


June 27, 2017


Oh what an amazing year!   We are extremely proud of many things we have accomplished at Dr. George Stanley School.   In thinking about the many successes in the community, we’d like to highlight the following:


  • We have come to understand individual students as well as groups – students have stayed with one teacher; allowing for strong relationships to form
  • Students loop forward with their teacher in most cases
  • We honoured our past by ensuring students at R.T. Alderman were not left out of any sports; we were the R.T. Blues
  • We moved eagerly into our beautiful new building and have treated it with great respect
  • Students have been involved in the creation of the school name and logo
  • Recent excitement has been boiling as students purchase hoodies and t-shirts with the school logo on them
  • The opening ceremony was fabulous with wonderful student voice that brought tears to many visitors eyes
  • We established a school council, have gained lots of insight and look forward to continuing conversations to build understanding and recognize concerns, as well as what we need to continue to do for students
  • We met Della Stanley and her family who were thrilled to have such a wonderful school named after George Stanley
  • A dedication of the learning commons took place to honour Ruth Stanley who passed away on February 15th, Flag Day
  • We raised our flag alongside Mayor Nenshi
  • Our first tradition was to establish a yearly assembly honouring George Stanley through the flag - each February 15th there will be a special assembly to honour his contribution to Canada


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Thanks to all of those who took the time to attend our information evening called “Myth Busters” 

After speaking with individuals and families, it seems that many things are clearer.  Thanks for all the feedback as well.  We take your suggestions very seriously and appreciate new insight and opportunities to clarify anything.
Here are a few common questions that emerged.

1. When will my son/daughter choose options?
Firstly, we refer to these as complementary courses.  Course selections will be sent-out on June 19th by hardcopy.   It is to be returned with a parent/guardian signature by June 23rd.


Please be advised that students will receive 2 of their top 3 selections.  We will schedule and accommodate according to student demand.   All of these courses will run full-year.


2. Which complimentary courses are available?
Some CTF (Career and Technology Foundations) and Arts classes make up our complimentary courses.  The rest are embedded into our core curriculum.  For example, the foods lab and cooking experiences can be used in health, science and even math for different units. 


Grade 4s will take part in a cycle of options so they can gain some insight, learn about safety and decide which classes are best for them as they move forward.  For grade 4s, they will take:  CTF Safety and Intro, Music, Fine Arts, Languages (intro French or Spanish) and Technology. 


Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 will receive the choice of: Band, Media Literacy, Languages (intro French or Spanish), BLAM (Business, Leadership and Money) and Visual Arts. See graphics link


3. Why does the front office receive emails and not the teacher directly?  
It is mandated and expected that teacher time is spent (from 8:25 to 3:40) with students to ensure their safety and learning.  Urgent information items are always passed on to teachers, but our front office can handle any inquires more immediately.  If you require a conversation teachers can make contact by phone or in-person as soon as possible (typically within 24hrs).


School Video
Maker Cart Donations


We are creating maker carts for classes to wheel into their rooms for projects. If you have older hand tools you no longer need, we would greatly accept any donations. Some items may include screwdrivers, pliers, glue guns, measuring tapes, hammers, etc.



2017-2018 Complementary Courses Grades 5-9




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2017-2018 Grade 4 Exposure Wheel

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New School Opening Celebrations


    The CBE will be celebrating the official openings of all of our new school over the next few months. In addition to hearing words of congratulations from special guests, each school shares a unique program that showcases the school and its students.
    View Dr. George Stanley School opening slideshow



Designation Notices

Apr. 18, 2017 | Reminder Notice regarding Grade Expansion at Dr. George Stanley School (pdf)


Apr. 18, 2017 | Reminder Notice Regarding Grade Expansion (Grade 9) at Dr. George Stanley School (pdf)



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