Basic Equipments

Protective and Non - Protective Equipment

Abdo Guard Cricket is a sport where the equipment is mostly needed for protection. Some of the protection equipments are:

Cricket not only has protective equipment but it also has non - protective equipment. The non protective equipments are those which are needed for this sport to be played. This includes:

Description of the Protective Equipment

ABDO Guard
A protection gear to protect your private spot.

Another projection gear to protect you from the fast balls that bowlers bowl.

Protection gear usually for better grip on the bat or safety for your hand.

Protection equipment to protect your head from the bouncers and the fast balls.

Blue Apex Bat

Description of the Non - Protective Equipment

An equipment which is used by the batsman to help you hit the ball.

An equipment which is used by the bowler to bowl the ball.

Stumps and the Bails
Two pieces of equipment which are used to determine when a batsman is out. Stumps and Bails play a big role when a batsman is bowled, stumped, LBW and run - out. The stumps are three wooden sticks whcih are set into the ground so that they cant be knocked off. The Bails are two mini wooden instruments which are set on the stumps. if the bails are knocked off, Its an Out.

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