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Going Green Organization

Our Organization:

Our organization provides people with the information needed to make the Earth a better place. It is a to show people what they can do and how easy it is. People just need to be aware of this type of stuff for now, later they will just automatically start saving the world once they know how easy it is. Our team has put lot of effort in to this and the sources are reliable. We are a Calgary based non-profit organization, but our mission is to grow around the world so all humans work together.

Mission Statement:

Provide the most accurate and detailed information to people about how they can save our world, and provide information on new technologies that are supposedly more "eco-friendly".


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You have many ways to reach us, please send feed backs or ask questions.

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1234 Green Rd NW
Calgary AB, T2Y 6Y8
Email J. Macdonald: jm.org@green.ca
Phone: (403) 455 8842
Cell: (403) 584 8842
Toll Free: 1 888 585 8847
Fax: 1 888 585 8848