Solutions- Not as Hard as They May Seem

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Alternative Energy is also a good idea Alternative Energy is also a good idea Alternative Energy is also a good idea Alternative Energy is also a good idea

Alternative Energy is also a good idea

Renewable Energy:

For most years, humans have been using energy that was once renewable but isn't now because we have used it to such a high extent. Fossil fuels were renewable at one point but now they are being used faster than they are being produced. Fossil fuel also requires combustion, which puts harmful pollutants in to the air including CO(2), NO(2), and SO(2). These may sound like elements or compounds found in earth, but when there is too much of one thing it causes harm and doesn't balance the world. Renewable energy are those that won't ever finish, like the sun, water, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

The Three R's:

The three R's are the most known, most effective, most easy, and also the most cheap way to decrease human impact on the world. First of all, Reduce has the most potential, if we use less, we wouldn't need to reuse or recycle, the world would be in stable condition. However, if we also reuse and recycle while we reduce, we can make the world at the best of its ability. Using these clever ways to make our society a better place to live in, we can still enjoy the technologies and electronics that are becoming a need instead of a want, for most urbanized people.

Using products that use less energy

Using Eco-friendly Products:

By using products that are more efficient and are certified "eco-friendly" have huge positive impacts on the environment. We can still be using all the new innovations and keep the environment clean. It's not that hard to save the world. Some of the products might be and could a bit more expensive but than others but if we all continue to buy these type of stuff, the producers will be more encouraged in making more eco-friendly products and they'll over time make it cheaper. For now, it isn't even that expensive, because they have quality in them and they last longer.
People shouldn't complicate their lives, they can enjoy it as they would without caring about the future generations.

Future could be Eco-friendly and futuristic

The Future:

The future doesn't have to be the way it is now, it doesn't have to be like the past, it could be as futuristic as humans can make it. Us, humans just have to think about saving the environment now so it just fits together in the future. Being eco-friendly is going to be really easy in the future because people will make better, more efficient, and more friendly products. It's not a hard task for anyone, rich or poor can help our planet in its crisis.