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In Minecrft, monsters spawn at night or in darkness. That means that they could spawn in underground caves. Most spawn in groups of up to six. Monsters will burn when the sun rises and no other source of light will burn them.Most can spawn on any block if it is dark.

Function-Gives sulpher and Blow up your stuff
Weapon-IT blows up...
Overview-Creepers are the most annoying Monster in Minecraft. Not only do they hurt you, but they do it by blowing up. This is especially annoying due to the fact that they also destroy blocks aswell as you. Creepers make a noise when they are about to expload, Sssssssssss. Like a snakes hiss a creeper will warn you when it it about to attack. It what makes it even worse is that Creepers will not burn in sunlight. Creepers will not expload if they are not on the same level as you. If you manage to kill a Creeper they will drop sulpher, which is used to create TNT.

Function-Attack you
Weapon-Melee attack
Overview-Zombies attack you with their fists. When you get hit, you take up to three and a half hearts of damage. Unlike Zombies from other games, if you get hit by a zombie you will not yourself turn into a Zombie. Zombies make a scary moaning sound when near you. If you kill a Zombie they will drop feathers, i don't know why.

Function-Create webs and attack you
Weapon-Jumps at you
Overview-Spiders are unique monsters in minecraft. At night, spiders are hostile and will try to kill you. However, when it is day the spider will become neutral and will not attack you unless it is provoked by you.Spiders will also create webs and once you kill them they will drop string. Spiders can also climb vertical walls, so it is a good idea to allways have a roof. Spiders are the fastest monster in minecraft and will not burn in sunlight.

Function-Gives bones and attacks you.
Weapon-Bow and Arrow
Overview-Skeletons are the only Monster on this list that uses ranged attacks. This can be particularaly annoying when you are trying to get away form them. The first sound you will hear when a Skeleton is near you is most likely the sound of arrows hitting blocks all around you. If you live long enough you will mostlikely hear a faint sound of bones clanking together. If you can kill a skeleton you will acheive a bone. Bones are usefull when trying to tame a wolf.