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In Minecraft, there are many plants and organics. Most have a variety of uses, others just look nice.

Tool-Any,most effecient with Sword
Overview-Cactus can only be placed on sand. There needs to be at least 1 space in between each Cactus plant. Cactus can grow up to 3 blocks high.The great thing about Cactus is that you can use it as a barrier.If you step too close to a cactus plant, you will loose 1 half heart. This applies to anything from you to a pig. Also, if an item is too close to a cactus block it will be destroyed. Cactus is not flamable.

Function-Farming and Crafting
Tool-No specific tool
Overview-Sugar cane can only be planted in dirt/grass blocks directly near water.It can grow to a maximum height of four.Sugar cane is used to create sugar, and paper. With paper you create books. And eventualy with books you can craft a book shelf.Sugar cane is impervious to fire and lava.

Function-Farming and Crafting food
Tool-No specific tool
Overview-Wheat is unlike any other plant. It requires a seed to be planted and then harvested. Once harvested, it can be combined with different items to create cake,cookies and bread.If you step on a wheat plant,it will become trampled and not grow.

Function-Farming trees
Tool-No specific tool
Overview-Saplings are an important recource in minecraft because they grow into trees which produce wood, a valuable recource.There are three types of sapling,one for each type of tree.Trees can only be placed on dirt/grass.

Function-Jack o Lanterns and hats.
Tool-Any, most efficient with sword
Overview-Pumpkins are somewhat useless. They are randomly generated and cannot be farmed. There are two uses for Pumpkins. One is to put a torch inside it and use it as a Jack o Lantern.You can also put a pumpkin on your head and see through its point of view. This gives you no armour,your just wearing a pumpkin on your head.

Function-No important function
Tool-No specific tool
Overview-Flowers are flowers, they look nice.There is no real important reason for flowers.

Function-Crafting stew
Tool-No specific tool.
Overview- Mushrooms can grow in low light areas. There is a possibility of finding them under trees or in other shade but it is un likely. There is two types of mushrooms, Red and Brown. Although you cannot eat plain mushrooms, when crafted with a bowl they make a stew capable of healing five hearts.