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In Minecraft, there are multiple levels of tools. Here they are from most effective to least, the better the component the more effective using that tool will become. The color difference is really quite easy to tell. Brown is wood, grey is stone, Light gray is iron and blue is diamond.
  1. Wood
  2. Stone
  3. Iron
  4. Diamond
There are also different levels of Armor
  1. Leather
  2. Iron
  3. Diamond

In this article i will be showing the first level of all Wepons and Armor as they all look the same other than color.All tools are created with sticks and the component in the respective spot.

Function-Cutting wooden objects

Function-Killing creatures and some blocks

Name-Pick Axe
Function-Breaking blocks that come from underground or that are Ores

Function-Breaking Dirt,Sand and Gravel faster that usual.

Now for the Armor...Armor helps provide damage resistance to monsters and other things. However, Armor does not help resist falling damage. A set of armor is made of a helmet, chestplate, legs and boots. For this i am using the chestplate as an example.

Overview-Leather armor is made from the hide of cows.

Overview-Iron armor is made from Iron ingots, same as the wepon.

Overview-Diamond armor is made from diamond gems, the result of mining a Diamond Ore block.