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StarCraft 2 is the 12 yearlong awaited sequel to the original StarCraft game. StarCraft 2 brings back many of the old characters, units, and basic game play, but it also adds new flavor to the strategy. StarCraft 2 is a continuation of the war between the 3 races: Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. This is one game you do not won't to miss.

Several months later...

Heart of the Swarm Expansion

StarCraft 2 originally only came out with one campaign, but now Blizzard is working on an expansion for the zerg, it will include another campaign, additional units and upgrades, possibly a fourth race, and much more.
The campaign tells the story of Kerrigan after the battle on Char where she was defeated by Jim Raynor and Valarian Mengsk in a battle to beat the zerg once and for all.