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The base of terraria is building tools to get more materials to build other things. Here are all the tools you can build in the game.


Pickaxes are used to destroy the majority of blocks in the game. Click and hold on a block to start breaking it down.

Available types:

Axes are used to break all wooden blocks except for wooden planks. Click and hold to break wooden blocks that you have placed. Click and hold on the base of a tree to bring the whole thing down.

Available types:

Hammers break down objects such as furniture, wooden platforms, background walls, and glass blocks.

Available types:

Used to carry Water and Lava from place to place.

Grappling Hook
Shooting this allows you to hold on to the side or bottom of blocks. After shooting you can switch to another item allowing you to hang on the walls or ceiling and fight monsters or dig.
This can be upgraded to the Ivy Whip allowing you to shoot multiple places at once. suspending you between them and stopping you from falling by firing another one.


Many differnt types of enemies spawn while playing, day and night. To fend them off successfully your going to need something to fight back with. Here are all of the weapons you can build in the game.

Some of the most basic combat weapons, swords can be found with many different strenghts and abilities.
Basic swords come in two types, broadswords and shortswords. Broadswords do more damage but are slowing to swing. Shortswords swing faster but do less damage.
There are different tiers of these including: Then there are the high tier swords which have a range of special abilities.
These include:

Ranged weapons can be made in Terraria too. they range from bows to boomerangs to star firing cannons.
Bows shoot arrows which have to be crafted and do damage based on the bow and the type of arrow. The types of bows are: The types of arrows are:

Guns are originally obtained by destroying shadow orbs but can be crafted into better ones after getting one.
The types of guns are:

Boomerangs are weapons that always come back to you so you don't have to worry about making more or getting the ones you've already shot.
Types of boomerangs include:


While you may be able to fight back, there's no telling when a skeleton will jump off a cliff to try and kill you. Having good armor is key to survival in Terraria.

Armor is armor, there is no different kinds of armor like there is tools. However, armor still can be made of different materials to give greater resistance to enemy attacks. Also, having all of your armour made of the same type of material gives you an additional bonus.
The different types of arlmor and their set bonus's are:

Everything Else

Among all the of the handheld items there are some other items that can be crafted too.

Crafting Stations
These items are placeable and let you build more items while standing near them.
They include: