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Physical Education

Modules featuring Badminton, Circuit Training and Indoor/outdoor games have now come to an end and next up is Track & Field. In preparation for the Track & Field athletic season, we will be giving Sansom students an opportunity to try each of the events that make up a Junior High track meet (100m, 300m, 600m, 1000m, 2000m, Discus, Shot Put, Hurdles, Long Jump and High Jump) in hopes that they will find an event(s) that they are interested in being a part of! These activities will take us into the month of May.


The Badminton season is underway and going strong. Your child will have received their badminton practice schedule, letter and Acknowledgement of Risk. We will try and work hard to stay true to that practice schedule but, if we can, we may try and sneak in an extra time or two! Please try to ensure that you are able to pick your son/daughter up from practice directly after practices end as there will not be supervision for long afterwards. This year we have been given an opportunity to provide an extra interschool tournament. The grade 7 and 9 Badminton teams will be travelling to Ernest Morrow on the Morrow school bus to play in a tournament on April 3 from 3:45 until approximately 6:30. There will not be a ride back to the school – transportation is only to the school but not back home. Please ensure that you are able to pick your child up after the tournament. The grade 8 students will be staying at Clarence Sansom and the grade 8 Ernest Morrow team will arrive for tournament play beginning at 3:45 until about 6:30.

Additionally, the Divisional times are as follows; Grade 9 – April 16, Grade 8 – April 23 and Grade 7, April 25. All Divisionals are at Deifenbaker High School and begin at 4:15 and end at approximately 7:00. Next up on the Athletic Schedule is the final competitive sport of the season, Track & Field. The Track Season begins the week of April 7th and goes through the entire month until the Divisional Track Meet which is scheduled for May 9th at Foothills Athletic Park in NW Calgary. This is a great experience for our athletes and in the past we've had upwards of 130 students competing against students from various Calgary Junior High Schools. It's a great day that is packed with a ton of fun and the opportunity to show tons of Sansom Pride! Hopefully we'll see everyone out at tryouts and have another strong and passionate Sansom Track Team!!! The try out schedule will be released early in the week of April 7th.