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Physical Education

The beginning of December brings with it the end of the Dance module, which ran through most of November. It was great to be indoors during the early winter cold-snap, and all Sansom students learned several types of dance throughout the month. It was a fun, entertaining and educational experience for all! With the change in season also comes new modules, with Basketball, Outdoor games and Strength Training/conditioning moving into the focus for the next modular period. Any students who select Outdoor Games as their next module, please remember to bring your warm winter active wear to adorn over your Sansom issued PE strip!


The beginning of December is the culmination of the wrestling season, which will see wrestlers who participated in the three previous quad meets head to the Southland Leisure Centre for the Divisional Championship Meet on December 3rd. This final meet will take place in the morning, ending at Noon, with students returning to school for the end of the day. Best of luck to all Sansom Wrestlers!

December is also the time of year that Basketball gets rolling! Tryouts begin on December 1st, and run for the first two weeks of the month. Boys teams will try-out on Mondays and Wednesdays, Girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Full Tryout schedules have been handed out to all interested students). The regular season doesn't begin until after the winter break. As usual, Sansom will be fielding the full complement of teams (Junior boys & girls for students in grades 7&8, and Senior boys & girls for athletes in grade 9). Come out and show your skills and Sansom Pride! As always, all Sansom Athletic information, including game times/locations and results will be posted on the official Sansom Athletics Twitter Feed: @SansomAthletics Check it out!