Calgary Board of Education


Physical Education

With Badminton season in full swing, module work offers Badminton in the Gym as the largest choice for April. The other two choices are Fitness Training which is taking advantage of the new cardio fitness centre, and Outdoor games. As we move into mid-April, we will transition to Track & Field to give students exposure to all of the events that are available in Track & Field. All students will take part in the Track & Field module.


The badminton teams have been chosen and the month kicks off with a fun tournament against our friends down at Ernest Morrow School. Following that, teams will focus their efforts on preparation for the 1st ever Sansom-Morrow Invitational - to be hosted at the Sunridge Badminton Centre. This is a massive event that is unique to the region and has never been hosted at the junior high level. The goal is to expose athletes to competition from schools throughout the CBE, Calgary Catholic School division and other Calgary schools. This event is scheduled for April 17-18. The week following will see all teams head to Crossing Park for badminton divisionals...stay tuned to @SansomAthletics on twitter for all up to date information!

Track & Field season will also kick off during April with teams for Junior (students born in or after 2002), Intermediate (born 2001) and Senior (Born 2000 or earlier). Events offered at the junior high level include Sprints (100m, 300m and Relay), Distance (600m, 1000m, and 2000m), Shot Put, Discus, Hurdles, Long Jump and High Jump. Athletes are encouraged to try out for all events as they can compete in as many as 3 in addition to the relay. The Divisional Track Meet is scheduled for May 6th at the Foothills Athletic Park, and in an exciting addition for this season, there will be an opportunity for athletes to compete in an "All-City" Track Meet at the end of May which will include the best athletes from the CBE, CSSD, Calgary Private Schools and Calgary Charter Schools.

For all information about the Athletics program, check out @SansomAthletics on twitter!