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Athletics Calendar

Physical Education

We've made it to this point with no gym, and we'll have to continue life without a gym for the next few weeks. Students have adjusted really well to having classes outside and the weather has been amazing! Students are currently working in Fitness (in the fitness centers), Outdoor games and Soccer Modules. These modules will continue for the next few weeks into November and will be followed by similar offerings as well as Table Tennis. Please come to school ready to be outdoors and active with a change of clothes that will support activity in colder weather (Sweat Pants, Jacket, Toque and gloves/mitts).


Soccer season came to a close at the beginning of October, both the boys and girls teams hosted the Division Championship tournaments, and the boys made it all the way to the finals and battled a tough Laurier team to the finish, coming up just short! Great effort by all players this season and big thanks to Mrs. Hillard, Mr. Newman, Ms. Muirhead and Mr. Bakos for all of the time that they devoted to the soccer season!

Volleyball season is still in full swing and has been a very successful one to this point despite not having a gym to practice or play in (Big thanks to our friends at Douglas Harkness and Pineridge schools!). As of now, the Sr. Girls, Sr. Boys and Jr. Boys have all clinched 1st place in the League and head into the playoff as the top seed! In tournament play, the Jr. boys brought home a championship from the FEO tournament and a Silver from Valley Creek! Jr. Girls competed at the Volleydome and brought home a bronze medal from FEO. Sr. Girls grabbed a Silver Medal at the Crescent Heights Feeder tourney, and battled hard at the Volleydome. The Sr. Boys finished in the Championship Bracket of a very tough Volleydome tournament. The Sr. Boys & Girls will both be challenging the SAIT Tournament on October 31st! Division Semi-Finals and Finals are the first week of November. Please check the
Clarence Sansom website for the athletics calendar for all dates and times.

Wrestling season is also in full swing with Mr. Joseph and Ms. Muirhead running practices twice a week. This team is open to all, and if you're willing to commit to two practices per week, you can be a member of the team and represent the school in competition! Again, refer to the athletics calendar for specific dates/times for practices and quad meets.

Basketball season will begin with tryouts at the beginning of December...hopefully we have a gym by then!

For any and all information involving the Clarence Sansom Athletic Program, please take a look at our twitter feed @SansomAthletics