Calgary Board of Education

Digital Citizenship

At Clarence Sansom we believe that students should have access to computers, other technology and the internet to assist them in their learning. As of fall 2011, students may bring their own digital devices to school (with school permission) and may use these devices in the classroom (with teacher permission). Non-instructional and unsupervised areas such as hallways, washrooms and change rooms are designated as digital “no-zones”. The library is a digital “go zone”. Students will be allowed to use digital devices in this area during non-instructional time under direct supervision and with teacher permission.

  • Students are expected to use all computers/digital devices/programs/on-line sites (e.g. D2L, CBE mail) respectfully and responsibly in accordance with CBE AR 1062 Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources.
  • Students are expected to understand and abide by Clarence Sansom’s Digital Citizenship Policy.
  • Failure to use digital devices in a respectful and responsible manner may result in a progression of disciplinary measures including problem solving, home contact, removal of the device, loss of privileges or other disciplinary measures.
  • Student-owned devices are to be stored in the student locker or turned off out of site in their bags or pocket when not in use: the school is not responsible for the loss or destruction of these items.
  • All student accounts and files are considered property of CBE and are monitored by CBE staff.
  • Students are expected to report any damage to CBE-owned technology.
  • All digital devices including cameras are used for educational purposes only and only with teacher permission.
  • Students are expected to submit digital assignments in a format compatible with CBE and Clarence Sansom software.
  • Students are responsible for their actions within their account 100% of the time. If you have loaned another student your device or let them know your password you will still be held responsible or dually responsible for any inappropriate activity that occurs during that session.