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Girls' Culture Club

Calgary Immigrant Women's Association provides this service to immigrant and Canadian-born culturally diverse girls who are experiencing stressors related to adolescence and culture adjustment. Their goals is to encourage and support young women to become confident, educated, and informed in their personal and professional lives in order to make successful lifelong decisions and be role models for the next generation. In the club, they craete an environment of acceptance and encouragement where girls feel safe to disucss issues related to their age group. They touch on topics such as racism, peer and family relationshiops, inter-generational conflicts, conflict resolution, current world events, and cultural self-identification. These young women are given the opoprtunity to meet others undergoing the same difficulties, to build new friendships, learn more about Canadian and other ethnic cultures, and to address issues they do not feel comfortable discussing elsewhere. In the Girls' Culture Club, the girls talk to interesting guest speakers, go on field trips, and make art projects. CIWA's hope is to equipo the girls with the skills necessary to become active and contributing memebers in their community and Canadian society.