Calgary Board of Education

Knowledge and Employability Program

K&E Coordinator: Ms. D. Boyd

Knowledge and Employability courses are available to students in Grades 8 through 12 who meet specific criteria. The courses are intended to provide students with opportunities to experience success and become well prepared for employment, further studies, active citizenship and lifelong learning. Courses are designed to provide entry-level employment skills for students who have expressed a goal of leaving school before earning the requirements for a senior high school diploma, although some students may transition successfully from Knowledge and Employability courses to other courses to achieve a senior high school diploma, or to continuing education and training opportunities. Students enrolled in academic Knowledge and Employability courses may earn a Certificate of High School Achievement.

Knowledge and Employability policy and programs of study for courses are linked to the Knowledge and Employability page on the Alberta Education web site.

K&E students transitioning into the high school program are designated to Jack James High School.