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Monthly Newsletters 2017-2018


Principal's Message | November

Our November newsletter comes to you just after the release of the first progress report card on October 20, 2017. There will be two school progress reports and two system report cards. Our intent is to ensure awareness for both students and parents of ongoing assignment responsibilities. An integral part of the process in this report design is the involvement of parents in supporting and guiding their children to help maximize their success. The interviews and phone calls that are exchanged between home and school allow for the communication needed to support student achievement.

We will hold our Remembrance Day dedication on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

A big thank you to those parents who have taken the opportunity to become involved in Clarence Sansom school through school council and as volunteers. The next council meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the staff room.

Voice Mail I would like to remind parents of our voice mail system that is in place to enhance communication alternatives. Clarence Sansom remains a “live” answer school to ensure personal service. The voice mail system allows our public more direct contact with staff in the context of their messages. Staff will respond to your calls as quickly as possible, however most calls will be returned at natural breaks or at the teacher’s earliest convenience so as not to interrupt instruction.

Our Homework Hotline system is available and works as follows: after 4:00 pm each day parents and students dial the school number 403-777-7700 and enter the 4 digit number that matches your child’s homeroom (i.e. 7-2 would be (7002), 7-03 would be (7003), 7-15 would be (7015), 7-16 (7016), 7-20 (7020), 7-21 (7021), 8-05 (8005), 8-6 (8006), 8-08 (8008), 8-17 (8017), 8-19 (8019), 9-04 (9004), 9-07 (9007), 9-09 (9009), 9-18 (9018), 9-23 (9023) to hear the updated homework for that day. Research does not support homework for homework sake.

A reminder to parents that the school newsletter is posted on our website. A monthly hard copy of the Principal message and calendar of events is sent home with each student. There will be a few hard copies of the newsletter available in the main office. This month there is an additional letter with information about our digital citizenship policy.

R. D. Million, Principal