Calgary Board of Education

Late/Absence Policy

If you are late, you must come directly to the office, get a late slip, and then proceed directly to your class. If you have been absent, you must come directly to the office, present the secretary with a note signed by your parent or guardian explaining your absence, pick up an admittance slip, and take it to your homeroom teacher (or first class teacher).

We have an attendance line 403-777-7705 - Please call it at any time if your child will be absent. State the name of your child, homeroom, and why they are absent and whether the absence will be for the full day or a portion of the day. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child arrives at school. If your child must be absent, please contact the school by note or by calling the attendance line. All unexplained absences will be treated as truancy. Failure to provide a note or a phone call on the day or your return will result in a phone call to the parent or guardian before the student returns to class. Students who arrive after the end of the first class in the morning or afternoon will be marked absent for half of the day.

The Calgary Board of Education believes that there is a strong correlation between attendance and effective education. At Clarence Sansom we also support these beliefs and values. According to the Alberta School Act and Calgary Board of Education policy, it is required that students registered in a school or program shall attend regularly and punctually. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to endeavour to ensure compliance with this requirement and the responsibility of schools to ensure that parents are informed promptly if a student is not satisfactory.

Being late is an extremely bad habit that demonstrates a lack of responsibilitly to basic school expectations. Routine lateness negatively impacts the entire school community, i.e., clerical time of office staff, disruption of the learning environments for self and others, and affects the flow and focus of teacher lessons. In addition it requires teacher and administrative time and requires student and ultimately parent's time in resolution. This is an issue that negatively affects learning for all.

Students who are late three times in a twenty-day period of time will be required to serve a detention. Parents will be notified and advised that on the next unexcused late, the student will be suspended for attendance reasons. On the next late, a letter will be sent home at the end of the day with the student advising parents of the suspension and advising them to contact the Assistant Principal. A meeting will be held prior to the student's reinstatement to a regular class.

The staff of Clarence Sansom appreciates the efforts of parents and guardians to inform the school when their child is absent or late for a legitimate reason.