Calgary Board of Education Annie Gale School
577 Whiteridge Way N.E., Calgary AB T1Y 4S8 | Grades 7-9; Grades 6-9 TLC
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Dates To Remember
1 Grade 5/6 Open House
4 Grade 8 FSL Zoo Field Trip
9 Early Dismissal 12:00
Grade 9 ELA PAT Part A
11 Grade 6 ELA Part A
19 CBE Non-Instruction Day
22 Victoria Day - No School
1 School-Wide Talent Show
6 Grade 6 YouthLink Field Trip to WestWinds
19 Grade 6 ELA PAT Part B
20 Grade 6 Math PAT
22 Early Dismissal @ 12:00
Grade 9 Science PAT
Grade 6 Social Studies PAT
Grade 9 Farewell
23 Grade 6 Science PAT
26 Early Dismissal @ 12:00
Grade 9 Math PAT
27 Early Dismissal @ 12:00
Grade 9 ELA Part B
28 Early Dismissal @ 12:00
Grade 9 Social Studies PAT
29 Awards & Report Cards
Last day of School
30 Appeals Day

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Welcome to Annie Gale School

Parent-Teacher Conferences

You may be aware that Parent Teacher conferences are fast approaching. 


We have very limited time for this conferences session so it will be by invite only.


If you do not receive an email this means that you are not required at the conferences.


If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please feel free to contact their teachers directly.


Annie Gale School Traditional Learning Centre Program

More Information | Traditional Learning Centre CBE website


TLC Registrations will be accepted at Annie Gale School beginning January 20, 2017.


Annie Gale School | Traditional Learning Centre Program presentation (pdf)


Registration deadline is February 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm


High School Information


  • For a complete CBE calendar of events, sessions and open houses, click here.




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Parents/guardians: Due to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), if you want to keep receiving electronic messages from our school on commercial topics such as student fees and field trip costs, you need to subscribe online.

In addition, if you want to receive any text messages from our school, you need to opt-in by texting the word YES to the six-digit number 724665.



Designation Notice


Calgary Transit Bus Routes

For more information see Calgary Transit more


Bus 798 Taradale (pdf)

Bus 799 Coral Springs (pdf)

HomeLogic registration information (PDF)

CBE News

Student Marks are now Online
Students and their Parent/Guardians can access marks online by using HomeLogic.

The username and password are the same ones used by the student at school.