Calgary Board of Education

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are lots of things that you might be wondering about our school and the way that we do things around here. This FAQ is here to help you figure it out. If you do not see your answer here, please contact us.

Getting to and from class

What does our daily timetable look like?
To see the Daily Timetable click here.

When is school in session?
First bell is at 8:55 am and the second bell is at 9:00 am.

When are our holidays?
To see all important dates click here.

How do I know which class I'm supposed to be in?
Check your daily timetable to see what class you are supposed to be in. If you loose your timetable, see the office to get another one.

Will I get a locker?
You'll actually get 2 lockers! One from your TA, and one for phys ed. Phys ed. lockers are used for athletic clothing only. Backpacks, books and other valuables must be left in your TA locker.

How can I keep my personal belongings safe?
To keep your belongings safe, DO NOT tell anybody your locker combination! If you think someone else has your combination, contact the office immediately.

School policies and procedures

When can I contact the office?
The school office is staffed from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Friday. An answering machine will take messages outside these hours.

What happens if I'm late?
Students arriving late to school in the morning or afternoon are marked absent and must report to the office for a late slip to confirm their attendance. If a student is late, they may be required to call a parent and/or make up the time.

What should I do if I'm going to be absent?
It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to call the absence line if a student is going to be absent or excused late. The phone number is 403.777.8800 extension 1.

What if our family is going on an extended holiday?
If you are going away for a long time, bring a note from your parent/guardian BEFORE you are going to be away OR have your parent/guardian call the school to report your absence. You must go to the office and get a form that you will take around to all of your teachers so that they can provide work for you to complete while you are away.

Are there school fees?
There are a number of fees, depending on which programs you are in. For more information, please visit the CBE fees and waivers page. The Refundable Security Deposit is returned when your child leaves Terry Fox, provided that their account is in good standing (i.e. no overdue library books or textbooks). Fees may be paid by cheque, cash, Visa or debit card. Payment arrangements may be made by contacting the office at 403.777.8800, extension 0.

What is the school policy on homework?
Students are expected to note their homework daily in their AGENDA. It is the student's responsibility to get missed notes, assignments, and tests. Missed assigments and tests may count as zeros in the student's grade. See your teacher's course outline for details.

What is the school's discipline policy?
The school dicipline policy is each situation is dealt with independently and outcomes may be different for each participant. PHYSICAL VIOLENCE WILL RESULT IN A SUSPENSION FROM SCHOOL.

What is our dress code?
You are expected to dress in a clean, neat, appropriate manner. Makeup and dress should not be a distraction in a working environment. Bare midriffs, muscle shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, chains, spikes, etc. are not appropriate attire for a school setting. Extremely short skirts and shorts, clothing with offensive words, pictures, slogans, or sexual content as well as any clothing that promotes alchohol, drugs or tobacco are inappropriate at school. Students may be asked to change their clothing if they are in breach of the dress code.

Can I wear a hat in the school?
Hats are a privilege, not a right. It is at the teacher's discretion whether hats are permitted within the classroom. Hats are not allowed in the main office or in the gym.

Can I bring discmans/mp3 players, skateboards, and/or rollerblades to school?
Personal listening devices, such as mp3 players, are not to be visable at any time during school. Some teachers may allow students to wear headphones during independent work times in class, at their discression. Parents may be required to provide written confirmation that a student is allowed to listen to their music while working in class.

Skateboards are not allowed in the school, and must be immediately stored in a students locker. Rollerblades must be removed before entering the building. Roller-shoes are not permitted.

Can I bring a cell phone to school?
Students are allowed to bring their cell phone to school with them. However, cell phones must remain off and out of sight while in the school. Parents who need to contact students during school can do so through the office at 403.777.8800. Cell phones which are in sight for any reason will be confiscated and returned to students at the end of the school day. If a student's cell phone has been confiscated more than once, a parent may be required to come to the school to pick it up.

My parent, guardian, or relative would like to volunteer in our school or on a field trip. How can they do this?
The CBE encourages the use of volunteers in all schools. All volunteers must udergo a police check for the safety if all students. Volunteer Registration Forms and the Calgary Police Service Security Referral Forms must be completed 4-6 weeks before an activity. Please come to the office with a valid Government issued ID to start the Volunteer process.

School Programs

Why do we read every day?
We read to improve our literacy and knowledge to succeed in life.

When can I sign out library books?
You can sign out library books in the morning, lunch and after school whenever the library is open.

Where are there computers that students can use? When are they available?
The computers for students are located in the library in the morning, at lunch, and after school.

What will I learn in my classes?
You will learn the basic knowledge to succeed in life and improve your mind to become what you want to be in the future. Specific information on programs offered at Terry Fox can be found on our departments pages.

What is Homework help?
The Homework help program is after school, Monday to Thursday, in the library from 3:20 to 4:00. Teachers are there to assist you should you need help or just have a question.