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Principal's Message | November

Terry Fox students and staff have celebrated October with many learning opportunities and accomplishments! We were pleased to welcome parents and guardians along with their children to interviews on October 5 and 6th. The night was very well attended and the conversations helped to adjust students’ learning cycles. Our first trimester ends on November 16, 2017. Expect to get a final 1st trimester option report card home from each of your child’s option teacher on November 14 or 15th. Always you are welcome to contact your child’s teachers at any time through email, with addresses from the school website, or by leaving a voicemail at the school phone number.

Staff, using student evidence from the previous year, developed the first draft of the School Development Plan. This is a changing document that will adjust throughout the year as our students learn and we incorporate other possibilities. Our focus is about building a strong culture of learning. We expect our students to be engaged in solving challenging problems as our teachers design and adjust to the learning needs. We will work alongside our Indigenous community members to increase understanding and pay particular attention to building mathematical reasoning. It all means that we are listening for students to talk about, write about, ask questions about meaningful problems and solutions! Ask your child what they are learning about at school and why it is important!
I am pleased to announce that Miss Shahi will be in a new position within Terry Fox School beginning this month. She will be working alongside teachers and students as a Math Learning Coach. She will be partnering with teachers to plan for and execute student learning activities, and supporting students in their learning of math concepts and skills. We are excited to have this opportunity available for our students!

I urge you to attend our upcoming School Council Annual General Meeting on Thursday November 9, 2017 at 6:30 pm. We have filled some of the positions needed to keep our School Council alive but need your help. A significant amount of money is raised through this organization and could not be without you. Please Join us for this meeting, as a voting member, even if you are not able to attend regularly. If you have questions, please contact Donna Smilie (reception secretary) or me. Donna will be our liaison between school/school council.

Thank you to the families who signed up for SchoolMessenger, the CBE mass communication tool. We will use SchoolMessenger to communicate the most pertinent information. In the spirit of conserving paper, we send all messages (including this newsletter) via your email. Paper copies, can be picked up in the office by you or your child.

You are welcome to commemorate Remembrance Day with our students and staff at our Remembrance Day Ceremony on Thursday November 10, at 9:00am. Clarence Wolfleg is the speaker and will share his journey from residential school to joining the military. We are honoured to have him with us to acknowledge those who have given so much for our country.

Ms. Patricia Hamlin,