Calgary Board of Education

Terry Fox Code of Conduct

Our code begins with an attitude of RESPECT for all. We acknowledge that we all have RIGHTS that are sacred, privileges that can be taken away, and RESPONSIBILITES to fulfill. Most of us agree that common sense should prevail, and that behavioral expectations are obvious.

We know that to fulfill one's responsibility as a learner, one must choose to be at school every day, be on time and bring required equipment – pens, books, completed homework, gym strip when needed. We must be alert and rested, be eager to learn, be curious about the way the world works and how one finds a place in it, and ready to meet high academic expectations. Students have a responsibility to report any problematic behaviour by classmates. This can be reported anonymously or students can directly approach parents, teachers or administrators.

We know that an attitude of respect requires choosing to demonstrate compassion and respect for others – no intimidation, name calling, or swearing. An attitude of respect for self means appropriate dress (see dress code). We demonstrate respect for our school by looking after the building, using garbage cans, cleaning our shoes, and by being polite ambassadors in the community – not smoking or littering. Terry Fox students and staff have the right to be safe, to be treated fairly, to belong; to be heard, and to learn in a positive environment.

At Terry Fox School we nurture

  • confidence through encouragement and success;
  • respect for others through kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathy;
  • communication through listening, providing clear expectations, debriefing; and,
  • responsibility through accountability, recognition and support.

Being accountable is to accept the consequences of one's attitude and behaviour.