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    October 19, 2005

Communications with Multimedia Content

This class is will help students to learn about the creation and use of digital media to communicate ideas and information.

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IMG_1388.JPG Students will gain the basic technology skills to be able to  product high quality digital content in all subjects.  They will learn to use digital images in documents, how to manage their digital inventory and to out put the documents in various ways. Much of the work in class will be project based. They will learn how to plan and do a digital images and video project as well as run the software to integrate this media into finished projects. The media will then be edited in class and output in a form that could be use on the web, in a presentation or  on DVD.

Assessment Plan

IMG_3251.JPG  Both individual work and group projects will be used to make up the overall assessment of students.  Most of the assessment will be project based.  Each topic will have an individual assessment component as well as the group component as noted below:

Term 1 - September to November.

Keyboarding (10%)

Basic computer operations (10%)

Basic web development (15%)

Digital Photography (15%)

Basic video editing (20%)

Basic Video Production (30%)

Term 2 - December to January

Keyboarding (10%)

Database construction (10%)

Video Project A (25%)

Web Project B (25%)

Yeardisc/Night of Boa Project C (30%)