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If you require financial assistance, please pick up a CBE Fee Waiver Application from the main office or visit Waivers on the CBE website for more information and the application.

Grade 6 Noon Supervision

Tom Baines School is providing full noon hour supervision for Grade 6 students. If students opt to stay at school over the lunch break, they are required to pay for noon supervision service. This service provides students the opportunity to practice social skills supported by caring adult supervision. Grade 6 students sit at tables in our centre court lunch area where they are directly supervised. They then move outside onto school grounds for supervised play for the remainder of the lunch break. Grade 6 students are not allowed to leave school grounds during the lunch break unless they go home for lunch and have provided a note from parents/guardians.

The noon hour supervision program requires registration and there is a fee to participate. A waiver process is in place for families who cannot afford to pay fees.

For more information; including how to register, please go to CBE Noon Supervision and My CBE Account.