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Listed below, with a brief synopsis, are a number of links that may be useful to you. If you have any suggestions or want to let us know what you think Contact Us.

 Online Reference Center

Alberta Governement (

Alberta Learning has licensed the online resources linked from this site for you and your children (i.e., the license covers the use of these resources by students in publicly-funded elementary and secondary schools in Alberta as well as by their parents).

Through the Online Reference Centre, you and your children will be searching databases of published resources; this lessens the risk of inadvertently coming across inappropriate material. As such, the Online Reference Centre can help your children find reliable, up-to-date information for school assignments and projects.

Your children can search the Online Reference Centre from school or from a computer elsewhere using their userID and password located on page 12 in their students agenda he/she obtained during their library session. Remember, due to the licensing agreement, it is IMPORTANT that ONLY you and your school-age children use these resources.

Canadian Parents On-line

A comprehensive website listing many resources from helping a teenager develop self-discipline, add/adhd to forum discussion from a parenting point of view. As well, this site has a specific area dedicated to Tweens and Teens and their issues.

2 Learn

Are you looking for parenting resources on the web? Or are you interested in locating web resources to support you and your family as you move online? Or are you simply looking at ways to help your child use Internet resources effectively? Here are some great starting points for parents interested in tapping into the Web..."

Bullying Help Site

This is a site created by a teacher that has won awards for its quality and informatoin on the topic of bullying in schools.

Media Awareness

This is a site that has information for parents and students on the new media of TV, radio, and the internet.











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