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Toronto and Niagara Falls


















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Medieval Times Dinner and Show

This is a medieval show with horses and the outfits of the medieval times in England. You get to eat with your hands.

CN Tower

A landmark for Canada. It was the tallest free standing building in the world for many years. It is a communications tower first and a tourist attraction second.


St. Catharines Lock #3

This museum and Lock are on the St. Laurence Sea way that allows ocean going ships to get a far inland as Thunder Bay.

Hornblower Niagara Tours

A vessel that takes you right up to the Niagara Falls to see all the power of these falls


Lundy's Lane Museum

The Lundy’s Lane Historical Museum houses a nationally significant collection of artifacts relating to the War of 1812.

Royal Ontario Museum

This museum is Canada's largest museum of world culture and natural history. The museum contains collections of dinosaurs, minerals and meteorites, Near Eastern and African art, East Asian art, European history, and Canadian history.


Casa Loma Tour

This is a grand old home overlooking greater Toronto. This is how the upper class lived in Upper Canada in the 1800s

The Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame

This is a museum dedicated to hockey in Canada. There are hands on activities and memorabilia from all aspects of hockey in Canada. The Stanley Cup is kept here.

Walking Tour of Downtown Toronto

We will be doing a tour of downtown Toronto including City Hall and Union Station

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Theatre Show - We Will Rock You

Advance 300 years to a domineering and omnipotent dystopian Earth civilization, and there you’ll find the world of the hit musical “We Will Rock You.” In a world where the music, movies, and fashion of all inhabitants are heavily regulated, the underground Bohemians must find a hero to battle the villainous Killer Queen. Highlighting the extensive discography of Queen, this award-winning jukebox musical weaves songs from one of England’s most enduring groups into this whirlwind narrative of love, revolution, and above all, music


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National War Museum

This is the best collection of items that relate to Canada's role as a peace keeper. We will be laying a wreath to remember Canadian's who have fallen while on duty for Canada


National Aviation and Space Museum

This museum contains aircraft and aerospace items that relate to Canada. Aviation was critical to Canada expanding into the north in the 19th century.

Parliament and the Peace Tower

This is the seat of government for Canada. We will tour the House of Commons, the Senate and the Peace Tower during our visit.

Governor Generals Home - Rideau Hall

You will get to sit in the seat where the Supreme Court meets and learn how the highest court in the land works.



National Art Gallery

This is the largest collection of art in Canada. You will go on a guided tour of some parts of this collections.

Canadian Museum of History

This museum is located in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec is a very large museum that covers all aspects of Canadian life from the first settlers to modern times.

Ghost Tour of Ottawa

This is a walking tour of the sites in Ottawa that are rumored to be haunted. The tour ends at the Carlton Jail that is now a hotel.

Canadian Museum of Nature

This is a new museum that has displays of nature in Canada. This building was the temporary location for Parliament when the main building burned down in the late 18th century.

Byward Market

This is a open and closed area market in the middle of Ottawa. It was a major trading centre for over 100 years.

Bike Ride Along the Rideau Canal

This is a bike ride along a canal that links the Great Lakes to the Ottawa river and out to the Atlantic

Prine Minister Home
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