Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

The MidSun story

The journey began in 1995 when a parent committee approached the Calgary Board of Education to request a junior high school for the communities of Sundance and Midnapore. The original application was finally approved for a 500 student school, which would accommodate some, but not all of the students in the communities.

Continued co-operation and hard work by the education committee resulted in a larger school with a larger gymnasium – large enough for all of the students of Midnapore, Sundance and now Chaparral. The provincial funding approval was signed in 1996 and construction began in the spring of 1997. The hybrid name “MidSun” symbolizes the collaboration and perseverance on the part of committee members from Midnapore and Sundance.

Our students and parents can look at this facility with great pride. The physical plant is second to none, but more importantly, the students, parents and staff make MidSun a truly great place to learn.

Our Vision

MidSun is a “School of Character” committed to personal growth and quality learning through:

  • Building strong relationships
  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment
  • Innovative and relevant learning experiences

MidSun Belief Statements

We believe that …

  • students are unique physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually
  • students’ individual needs are met through programs which are relevant and stimulating
  • students learn best in an environment which is safe and promotes an understanding of diversity and respect for others
  • in assisting our students to make the transition from Elementary to Senior High School we must recognize individuality, promote exploration and encourage feelings of self-worth, as well as promote a growing sense of ownership for their own learning.
  • our primary purpose is ‘quality learning’ and therefore all decisions and improvement initiatives should focus on student achievement
  • our success will be based on the active participation of our students, parents, staff and the larger community