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Welcome to Arbour Lake School

Jacket Racket 2014



Arbour Lake is participating in Jacket Racket once again this year! We are collecting any gently used winter clothing such as hats, mitts, scarves, toques, jackets, snow pants, and fleece jackets. These items will be distributed to students in Calgary where a need has been identified. Please send in any items to your child's homeroom teacher by Nov. 7


ARbour Lake School Supports the 2014 Veteran's Food Bank Oct 27 - Nov. 7


In commemoration of Remembrance Day 2014, students and families of Arbour Lake School are reminded of the sacrifices that our veterans have made so that we can enjoy the freedom with have today. To assist needy veterans, their widows and dependents, we are keeping up our tradition of supporting the annual Veteran's Food Bank.


Students are asked to bring in a non-perishable food item to their homeroom class starting Monday, oct. 27 - Nov. 7. Some examples of items needed are: canned meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit; sugar 1 kg; litres of juice; jams; pasta; cereals; sweet cookies; tea; coffee; hot chocolate; cake mixes; rice; soda crackers; candy; pudding; jello powder; popcorn; granola bars; ketchup; mustard; relish; kleenex; bars of soap; etc.


Thank you very much for your anticipated support.


Arbour Lake Coyote Spirit Committee


Bus Map J & K updated | start date Oct. 14


Please visit the bus maps page to download a revised copy.


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September 24


It’s hard to believe that it is only September 23rd.  There have already been so many exciting and engaging learning opportunities for our students. In classrooms, teachers have been working hard to get to know their students and to learn about their classroom profiles.  This includes learning about student strengths, interests, areas for growth and learning styles.  Of course this is our ongoing work but this information is critical to gather so that we can personalize the learning for each student.  We have also been working hard to create learning environments where students feel welcomed, confident and are eager to take risks within their learning.  We want to remind you of the important role that you play in your children’s education.  Please be sure to attend our parent conferences on Oct. 2 and October 3rd.  Should you wish to contact teachers prior to these conferences, please feel free to do so. You will find an updated email contact list for staff on our website.


School wide opportunities are also aplenty.  Some student clubs are already up and running.  These include: chess club, vocal ensemble, choir, spirit committee, anime club, jazz club, tech team club, intramurals and running club.    It is never too late to get involved.  Please encourage your son or daughter to step up and explore something new this year.  We know that learners who are connected to the school feel more positive about their learning and often perform better in their studies. 


We are also excited about the start of our athletics teams.  Currently cross country running, volleyball and soccer are under way.  Yesterday’s games were super exciting!  The level of skill, teamwork and sportsmanship displayed by Coyote teams was impressive.


On Tuesday of this week we had our annual Terry Fox Assembly and Run.  We were thrilled to have acclaimed Hip Hop Artist, Shaun Booth lead our assembly.  Shaun talked about the lessons that we can learn from Terry Fox and other heroes.  He reminded us of Terry’s message of hope and also of the way that we are making a difference in the fight against cancer.  This assembly was particularly impacting as our own staff member, Alison James battles against cancer.  Many of our staff and students dedicated their run to her.  We will post our final fundraising tally after the money is counted.

Finally tonight is our first parent council meeting.  We want to encourage you to please come out an support our parent council.  This is an excellent opportunity to share you insights into how we are doing as a school and to discuss ways that we can improve.  The meeting agenda is generally sent home via email and is also posted online.  Meetings are held in the library and all are welcome. (Don’t worry you don’t have to sign up for a committee.) 


We look forward to seeing you this evening or at our upcoming parent conferences.


Ms. Barry and Mr. Thompson


Registration for the 2014-2015 school year


Arbour Lake School is at capacity and will only be accepting students living in Scenic Acres, Citadel or Arbour Lake. Students living outside these areas should contact their designated school. If you are in our area and would like information about registration please drop into the main office anytime from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm to pick up a registration package.


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